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TIP: Avoid Rental Scams And Bogus Agencies

Did you know that every estate agent has to be registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) and have an up-to-date Fidelity Fund certificate?

These certificates are issued on an annual basis and must reflect that the agent is licensed to practise for the current year. Tenants should insist on meeting the agent concerned in person and seeing a copy of the certificate. Those who have doubts can call the EAAB to ascertain whether the agent is registered. It’s important to remember that regardless of any excuse given, it’s illegal for an agent to practise if they are not in possession of this important document.

If dealing with an agent, buyers and sellers must check that the agent is registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board and has a valid Fidelity Fund Certificate – this can be done online by going to On this website you can search the agent’s name as well as the agency to confirm their validity. Ask to see the agent’s Fidelity Fund Certificate and check these details against their ID to further confirm their details against those appearing on the EAAB website.

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