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How To Price Your Home Right

How do you sell your house for what it’s worth without feeling ripped off? Also, you don’t want to get too ambitious with the pricing of your house or it so t sell.

Here are a few tips

1. Price comparisons

Take a look at how much the houses in your neighborhood have sold for and use that as a benchmark. A good tool to use is Lightstone

2. Consider your renovation

Chances are you found tour house in a rut compared to how it looks today. So if you have spent on renovating the house, it helps to keep receipts and documentation of such work done, to further support your case.

3. Get a bank evaluator

Get a professional to come and evaluate your house for you. Some evaluators come at no charge or charge against your agent. So be sure to enquire with your estate agent.

4. Think like a buyer

Remember, what the home means to you doesn’t equate to what the buyer will think of it. So think of how a buyer would look at your house in comparison to the other houses in the neighborhood. So remember to think like a buyer when pricing your home.

5. Less is sometimes more.

One of the best ways to sweeten the deal is by underpricing your home. This is a strategy in marketing. When you have a lot of people offering you a deal for your unsurprised home, chances are you will go with the highest bidder anyway.



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