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6 Tips On How To Take Good Property Photos With Your Smartphone

Taking photos of your house sounds easy to do but you will be amazed at how many people get it wrong, including professional real estate agents. Just browse through popular real estate websites and you will be disappointed at the number of dark and blurry photos you will see, and most times photos of clustered rooms.

How soon you get leads for your property is also highly dependent on the quality of your pictures and this is why we insist on a minimum of 3 pictures to all property adverts on our Pointon SA – Group.

So how can you capitalize on this but on a budget? You don’t necessarily need a professional photographer. These days, a smart phone is well capable of doing just as good of a job. Remember to wipe your phones camera with a cloth. Here are our tips on how:

1. Prepare The Room

Remove any clutter such as paperwork, clothes and anything else which you wouldn’t find lying around in a show home. Plump up sofa cushions, make the beds and straighten bed covers, curtains and blinds. Make it look spotless in there!

Preparing the Kitchen for a Photo Shoot:

· Remove everything from the top and doors of the fridge. This includes magnets, business cards, photos, etc.

· Clear and wipe off the counters. Clean counters look great in photos.

· Hide dish soaps, sponges and paper towels.

· Set up the kitchen or dining table with nice set of dishes.

· A bowl of fruit or bouquet of flowers presents nice on the photos.

Preparing Bathrooms for a Photo Shoot:

· Put down toilet lids.

· Hide any toiletries that are in the shower or bath, as well as on the counter.

· Clean mirrors and any glass surfaces.

· Remove old towels from doors, showers and bathtubs. Hang a new set of towels that coordinate with the paint or tiles.

· Depending on the space, a flower or plant can add a nice touch.

2. DO not use flash. TURN OFF YOUR FLASH

The flash on phones has improved, but it still is simply an LED light. Turning on the flash will cause the first few feet in front of your home to be very bright and anything further very dark. Instead of using the flash, use the home lights or lamps to augment bright, natural light. This will be easier if you use an iPhone adapter to mount on a camera tripod to hold your phone steady. Focus on the best time of day that allows natural light to flow in without harsh shadows or too bright of lights coming through windows.

3. Avoid appearing in mirrors

Avoid appearing in mirrors by taking photos directly into the mirrors as this gives an awkward feel to the picture. Instead take pictures in an angle and not directly towards the mirrors.

4. Avoid taking pictures in portrait mode at all times.

Always shoot in landscape mode to capture the full essence of a space. This allows for a wider shot which gives a true sense of both depth and detail.

5. Avoid dark and blurry pictures

If there is one universal complaint about online real estate/rental listings, it is that the pictures are too dark! Since there are few people who want to live in a cave, pictures that make a home look dark are instantly less appealing regardless of the actual features of the home.

I advise against turning on the lights in the room as this sometimes takes away from the warmth feel of the room. Natural light often works best. Take your pictures during the day to take advantage of the daylight.

Open the curtains before taking your image. While phone cameras are much more powerful than in years past, the lower the light available the fewer details will be captured. It helps to avoid shooting directly towards your windows. Instead, shoot from your window, facing the room for better lighting.

Also, hold your phone steady to avoid blurry pictures.


Sometimes great photos benefit from a little editing – but keep it minimal. Usually the only editing you should do is correcting the exposure of the picture. Stay away from using filters as this takes away from the natural feel of the place.




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