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When To FIRE Your Agent

Have you ever wondered whether your relationship with your agent is for till death do you apart? Even when they don’t sell your home?

We’ve put together this short piece for when to know if you should fire you agent.

1. When they don’t keep you informed on the progress of selling your house.

This one is a popular. A classic case is when you meet up with this agent sounding all enthusiastic about selling your home in record time. They make all these promises. They say all the right things bbq it as soon as they walk out the door. That is the last you hear of them.

A good agent picks up and returns your calls. Keeps you posted on why your house isn’t selling etc. Basically anything to assure you that they’re working on selling your house.

2. When you don’t agree on the selling price.

There are 3 main factors that contribute to your house getting sold. Price, Conditions and location. And location no one can change. So make sure your home is priced correctly.

And if your agent is too greedy and is charging an unrealistically high commission, maybe it’s time to let them go.

Also, sometimes they price your home too low just so it could sell. So be informed on how to price your house correctly

3. You don’t get along.

Some times you meet people who you just don’t get along with.a complete personality clash.

So if you’re going to break up with your agent, Tell them; It’s not You, it’s me.

4. They’re incompetent

You might not always know from the get go that want a minute, this guy actually doesn’t know what they’re doing and by then, months on hand gave passed without an offer on your property.

Here are some questions you could ask your agent. They MUST be able to answer these;

Should I renovate before selling?

How do you know that a buyer is qualified to buy this home?

What factors are stopping my home from selling besides price?

What are houses in my neighborhood selling for?

5. Bad marketing

You may find out after some time that your agent isn’t putting too much effort into marketing your home. You go online to find they used bad pictures of your home and the property description does not describe your home well.

The problem isn’t even that they took pictures using their smartphone as you can take some really amazing picture of a property using a smart phone. Thing is, they’re just not putting in the effort.

Final thoughts

The best way to fire them is through mutual consent, to avoid all that legal drama. So sit them down and find out what the implications are to terminating your contract with them.




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