MY POINTON STORY: How the first Pointon logo looked, and how it has changed.

The idea for Pointon first came about in 2016. This platform was first a property to-share portal and we eventually branched out into Real Estate.

One of the first things we had to put in place was the logo. And below is our first ever Pointon logo:

It was a very simple logo. I put this one together myself and It didn’t take more than 5 minutes to make. Just letters in two different colours and i was done!

Below are some of the concepts we had but never used:

But as you know, this here is the logo that finally won our hearts over. This is the logo I am proud of:

And it took a few days to get right too. From experimenting with the colours, to something as simple as smoothening the edges on the letters P and N on the logo as you can see below:

Deciding on the final look of the brand was not easy. I am a perfectionist so you can bet I obsessed over this for hours on end trying to get it right. I had to consider a lot of things. I had to think of how the logo made me feel, how it would make you feel when you looked at it.

Does it look trustworthy or dodgy? I had to get the input of a couple of friends too.There was nothing wrong with the initial logo. Especially when you have no budget. It did the job just fine. In fact, I have seen businesses thrive on social media without a logo.

I have seen businesses thrive with what could be some of the most unattractive logos. The value you bring to your customers is far greater than having the best-looking logo in the world. The quality of your product or service is where the true magic is. The proof is in the content.

With that said, this is no excuse to get lazy with your brand. So be careful to not fall into the mediocre category with any project you set out to do in your life. It has to look like you actually put in the work especially if you want people to spend on it. Be different. Put in the hours, Invest in yourself in any way you can.

“One of the most important business lessons I have learned over the years has been to invest in myself and my own projects.

While it may seem smarter to put a couple of thousand dollars into stocks, mutual funds etc, if I have the option I’ll always spend that money on a project of my own first.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a firm believer in diversification of investments, but I believe in my ideas and investing in them without cutting corners gives my ideas the best chance to succeed. Plus, I may get a meager return on standard investments, but the financial return on my own projects is limitless.” – Jason Zook.

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Talk to you soon.

Victor L. Siyaya