MY POINTON STORY: Why I rebuilt our website for the 100th time.


After we finally got The look and feel of the brand figured out, we had to get a website that complimented it. Building the first Pointon website took about 8 months to complete. 8 months is a long time. This was mostly because it’s not easy building a website that showcases property listings seamlessly.

It also helped that I had a very patient web developer, Richard, because many times, I requested that we rebuild it over.

When we started, I wanted to have a website that did all these really fancy things, I wanted in on every amazing feature possible. That’s probably how a lot of us start out with a business. We want in on all these amazing business tools and gadgets. We want the state of the art everything. I later learned that this was not the way to go.

Finally, when we built a website that had all these bells and whistles, I realized we weren’t getting a lot of positive feedback. People didn’t know where to find what. It was all too confusing.

The process of registering an account and submitting property wasn’t as user-friendly as we thought it was either.

I remember thinking; “How dare they not like it?! Do they know how much work we put into this?!”. That was another lesson learned between building something I liked VS building something our audience would like.

I finally decided it would be best that I learn about web development for beginners because I realized I couldn’t call Richard to change every little thing on the site, only to ask him to change it back the following week because I had changed my mind.

So I went to the one place we all go to to learn a new skill for free, the internet! Over the course of a few months plus many sleepless nights in between, I did a lot of research, read tons of articles and watched a number of videos on how to create a website without having to learn to code.

I would then practice my new found “skills” on our live site. Not such a smart idea. Sometimes I would get it right, sometimes not. Sometimes I would rebuild the whole site to what I thought was the best-looking website in the world, only to look at it a week later to realize I didn’t like it anymore, and then I would start all over again.

Many times in between I crashed the whole website and would call on Richard to rescue me. But I kept going! I was determined. Remember when we spoke about the challenge of being a one-man show in a start-up? This is what I meant. It was a challenge.

But also, these days you can learn just about anything on the internet. You just need to really be willing to learn. Use the internet to your advantage. You can save yourself a lot of costs too in this way. There are so many alternatives and free resources you can use to building your digital home.

Finally, this brings us to where we are now, with the latest version of I wanted a simple website. Very minimal scrolling on the home page, and straight to the point with what was important. Also, the reason our site looks the way it does now is, we wanted to take full advantage of the numbers on social media. It only made sense this way. This is what makes us unique.

Simple is always the best option to go for. I am proud of my work, It has been a lot of trial and error. But I am happy with the turnout. Is this the last version of Pointon? Probably not. I believe your website should grow and evolve with your business. So as we grow, so will our site.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this article.

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Talk to you soon.

Victor L. Siyaya