Aug 2017

Whether or not you should buy a home, or keep renting is a very important question. What are the things I should look at to decide whether I am ready to buy a house or keep renting?

We should first establish that renting a house is not necessarily a bad thing. Depending on your situation.

Buying a house can be a really good decision, sometimes it could be a bad one.

Here is what you should keep in

I'm currently in Sri Lanka doing tantra body work and getting an in depth understanding of the link between emotions, body and money for my next book and the yoga and money workshops.

The body is an important vehicle in helping us understand our emotions.

To explore this topic further I invited Dr Maha Swami as a guest teacher to teach us more.

Dr Maha is a a yoga teacher and general manager at 136.1 Yoga Studio

How do you sell your house for what it's worth without feeling ripped off? Also, you don't want to get too ambitious with the pricing of your house or it so t sell.

Here are a few tips
1. Price comparisons
Take a look at how much the houses in your neighborhood have sold for and use that as a benchmark. A good tool to use is Lightstone
2. Consider your renovation
Chances are you found tour house in a rut compared to how it looks today. So if

Have you ever wondered whether your relationship with your agent is for till death do you apart? Even when they don't sell your home?
We've put together this short piece for when to know if you should fire you agent.

1. When they don't keep you informed on the progress of selling your house.
This one is a popular. A classic case is when you meet up with this agent sounding all enthusiastic about selling your home in