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Our interest is the young black person seeking for knowledge on all things property, property investments and all the financial aspects related to it.

We have put together a team of some knowledgeable and outstanding young, black South African men and women who are already doing some amazing things in the country and abroad. They contribute wisdom through their stories and experiences.

Whether you are looking to change your finances around, buy your first home or get into property investments, let our team help you in a way that feels like you are interacting with a friend. This industry is already complicated and is intimidating. We have made all those fancy words easy to understand and have stripped the property industry bare through videos and article content.


Meet Our Contributors


Mapalo Makhu

Founder of Woman And Finance

Mapalo Makhu is an Entrepreneur, Personal Finance expert, Speaker, Personal Finance Coach, Financial Planner and the Founder of Woman & Finance. She has a strong passion for working with professionals and entrepreneurs to get them excited about their finances and bring their financial dreams to reality.

Having completed a Bcom Finance Degree from the University of Johannesburg and recently obtaining her Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning, Mapalo founded Woman&Finance to educate and inspire women to take charge of their finances and make the best financial decisions for their current and future selves. She has a knack for financial planning and has been doing it for herself, family and clients for the past 4 years.



Nicolette Mashile

Financial Fitness Bunny

Nicolette Mashile is a Bushbuckrige born entrepreneur and media personality who is building a unique brand using her experiences to inspire and educate some of the people that have been captivated by her infectious personality through her talk show Assertiveness (on GauTV on DStv channel 265) and Financial Literacy Facebook Page.

Born and raised in Bushbuckridge, Mpumalanga, Nicolette’s first challenge as a child was moving from home in order to have access to a good education. After successfully completing her high schooling, she went on to study Social Studies and Communication at the Rhodes University in Rhodes. After not being able to complete her degree, she moved to Johannesburg where she used that adversity to enrol at UNISA where she eventually completed her honours in Integrated Communication. She jokes about her Diploma in Sports Management as an escape.

As a believer in self-investment, Nicolette also enrolled for the TV and Radio presenting programme at On Cue Communications which equipped her with the necessary skills for TV and radio. She worked as a client services director in an advertising agency before taking the leap to full time self-employment.


Vangile Makwakwa

Founder of Wealthy Money

I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that you’re here today.

My name is Vangile Makwakwa; in the last 5 years I’ve paid off US$60,000 in debt, became a home-owner, published a book, got a yoga teaching certificate, been featured in various media and embarked on a new journey as a #suitcase entrepreneur.

I use this blog and website to share my journey, connect with fellow life travellers and help others that are in the same situation as I was by sharing solid financial strategies and helping people understand that wealth isn’t just about money.

I spent the first quarter of my life following the path everyone told me was necessary for success.

So you can only imagine my shock when I found myself with an MBA degree, unemployed and debt in excess of US$60,000 (ZAR 600,000).

Despite being a finance undergrad, I had poor spending habits, a failing start-up company, was alienated from family and friends and I had a very unhealthy relationship with money.

I spent years working hard to advance my education and move up the career ladder. But instead of fulfilment, it left me broke, sick, miserable, desperate, and feeling very alone.

It wasn’t until I saw the connection between my worry and my finances, through meditation, that my situation began to change.The little known secret to greater wealth is this: your finances are directly related to your emotions.

How you make, spend, save, and invest money is affected by your emotional state.

What helped me turn the corner in my personal finances is counter-intuitive to most people under financial pressure…I stopped trying to get rich.

I started focusing on changing the way I felt about money and which led to develop the 12 Keys to Wealthy Money and to a publishing deal for my book, Heart Mind & Money.

To learn more about my work and get a free gift to help you on your personal finance journey go to wealthy-money.com